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Italian critic Luigi Cremona in Maritozzo!

One of the most important Italian critics Luigi Cremona positil Maritozzo. On 11 and 13 March, he gave only two dinners together with the brand-chef Andrea Santilli and chef Andrea Impero!

As a formidable critic of Antoine Ego from the cartoon “Ratatouille”, Luigi can ink a restaurant with a stroke of a pen, with one review to build a queue at an inconspicuous cafe, to make overnight the celebrity of the novice chef.

Severe, but fair Cremona has an indisputable authority. He is an adept of Italian cuisine and easily separates the grain from the chaff, accurately catching the upcoming trends. His visit is being prepared, and the review is awaited with bated breath, but very soon he will rise to the opposite side of the barricade.

On 11 and 13 March in Maritozzo, Luigi presented a gastronomic set demonstrating his view of modern Italian cuisine. Andrea Santhi and Andrea Impero, as experts from the restaurant, helped to translate the idea into reality and prepared this set in four hands.

In addition, guests Maritozzo met with the founders of the company ALTAGAMMA, which supplies cheese to the kitchen of the restaurant. Donato and Tata Parisi and their cheese maker, Domenico Babbo, gave a lecture and a master class on the preparation of fresh cheeses.

Domenico – hereditary cheese. For over 40 years he has been creating Italian cheeses all over the world. He has work in Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Chile, Australia. In 2015, Domenico accepted the offer from ALTAGAMMA and continued his business in Moscow. Many years of experience, high-quality Russian raw materials, Italian equipment and laborious manual labor make it possible to create really Italian cheeses, and not their analogues.

Set menu:
– Fresh homemade chasko, chicken liver pate with hazelnut crust, bruschetta with olive oil
– Ragout of lentils from Castelucho di Norcia, cod, artichokes in Roman style
– Tortelli with Amarciana filling, in creamy sauce Cacio e Pepe.
– Fish soup from Campania in the style of Lucian, candied lemons of Sorrento, tomato jam Vesuvio Piennolo
– Pre-dessert (deep-fried cannoli with limoncello sorbet)
– The Sicilian cassata