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New menu in Maritozzo!

After the spring renovation of the menu of the restaurant Maritozzo, the menu of the cafe on the first floor was transformed!

Chef Andrea Impero and brand-chef Ivan Pizzoni created 12 new dishes: from the patpacsata with pickled salmon and avocado, ideally suitable for breakfast, to salted maritozo. The dessert, which gave the project a name, is served not only in classical form, but also with home-made sausage and fondue from the cheese of Talegio. Trapizzino, in the best traditions of Roman fast food, is now cooked with mutton stew and with baked pork and strachatelle. Pizza can be ordered with salami and spicy sauce. In the salads section there is now a salad of marinated beef with artichokes; Salad with tuna, asparagus and green beans and the most unusual dish from novelties – fried boricotta with tomato sauce and basil.

In general, the menu turned out bright, dynamic, mobile. Dishes are prepared quickly and it is convenient to take them with you, which is very important, in the crazy rhythm of our city.

All new items on the menu:
– Stripazzata (scrambled eggs with pickled salmon and avocado) – 650 rubles;
– Trapizzino with mutton stew – 390 rubles;
– Trapizzino with baked pork and strachatel – 390 rubles;
– Pizzetta with salami and spicy sauce – 320 rubles;
– Salad from marinated beef with artichokes, Parmesan and balsamic vinegar – 690 rubles;
– Roasted boricotta with tomato sauce and basil – 550 rubles;
– “Nizard” salad with tuna, asparagus, green beans, tomatoes and eggs – 690 rubles;
– Cream-soup of cauliflower with leek and scallops – 590 rubles;
– Focaccia with mortadella filling, ricotta and fresh tomatoes – 550 rubles;
– Burger with salmon, Pappa pomorea sauce, zucchini on grill and mini-potatoes – 550 rubles;
– Salted maritozo with homemade sausage and fondue of taleggi cheese – 320 rubles;
– Ciabatta with vitello tonalo – 320 rubles.

New account for marotozzo_cafe!

We thought about this for a long time and at the end of March we switched from words to actions: now the Maritozzo cafe has its account in Instagram. We have great plans ahead of us and we want you to be always up to date on our news! Join us: @maritozzo_cafe and @maritozzo_official