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Our team


Executive Chef

Marco is a pure Italian, a gourmet, a dedicated chef. In Maritozzo together with Andrea Santilli he is responsible for the restaurant’s kitchen.

Marco was born in sunny Umbria, in a small village named Spoleto. This was the exact place where in 2004 directed by Marco and his partners Andrea Santilli and Ivan Pizzoni the La Bastiglia restaurant got the first Michelin star. Their next star the chefs also got for their collaborative work on the Il Millione project in Hong Kong.

Marco’s style is the purity of taste, combination of traditions and modern technologies, projection to the future not separating from the present. His dishes are dainty, refined, daedal, but at the same time always comprehensible for the guests. Marco is an adherer of the traditional Italian cuisine, but he never confines himself within the strict boundaries and is open to experiments.



Executive Chef

Ivan is descended from a family of bakers and he is a dedicated sommelier. In Maritozzo he is responsible for the café and the wine bar.

Ivan was born and raised in Umbria. Spending his days in a small family bakery he was constantly learning, experimenting and practicing. Being the direct hair of the family business originated as early as in 1935, Ivan simply couldn’t remain indifferent to gastronomy and had no doubts about his future profession.

Ivan’s gastronomical signature can be best described in his own words,
“You know, the Italians cherish family traditions. It is the keystone of my craft. I’m convinced that there is no sense in displaying your imagination without knowing the origins. You may add something new into the receipt, but only if you know how it all began. Each part of Italy has its own culinary traditions. I focus on the central region, but I also like cooking dishes from all over the country. For example, I adore the Sicilian cuisine and the cuisine of the north of Italy.”



Andrea is the right-hand man of the Italian executive chefs Marco Gubiotti, Ivan Pizzoni and Andrea Santilli.

Andrea is 26 and he has been working in the kitchen for 11 years. The young chef’s talent, commitment and efficiency have borne fruit. Marco Gubiotti, Ivan Pizzoni and Andrea Santilli chose exactly him to be the chef for the Maritozzo restaurant and café from the dozens of candidates. Andrea not just well at doing his job – he does everything the best way. He creates, exercises his talent and keeps his firm hand on the helm. Maritozzo knows no troubles under his supervision!



Sergey spent his childhood in the Southern Bessarabia, where wine was served in every home same as water. So, it may be said that he has love and interest for wines from an early age.

On his return to his homeland (Vladimir, Russia) Sergey faced total absence of the wine drinking culture and decided to hold his hands to its development. As befits, he began from himself. In 2007 he headed to Moscow where he completed training in the Enotria Wine School. A half a year after graduation he began his work in the Grand Cru wine room on Malaya Bronnaya Street, where he took the plunge into the exciting life of sommelier from the first days.

Having worked there more than 8 years Sergey left the project and joined the Maritozzo team six months before the official opening. Here he took an active part in the life of the project working with the executive sommelier Ivan Pizzoni, and now Sergey is his right-hand man.


Manager of Maritozzo

“All my life is my work and alternating cities”, – Martina talks about herself.

Martina was born in Rome and for the first time began working in a restaurant at the age of 14. Weekdays she went to school, while on weekends she worked: first she was an apprentice, then she worked as a waitress and gradually promoted to the manager of the restaurant. At the age of 20 Martina met Andrea Impero in the Villa Agrippina hotel restaurant. Since that moment they are always together both in their work and in their life.

Martina has been working in Maritozzo from the very beginning. As early as at the stage of the concept formation together with the executive chefs and Andrea she took part in development of the menu, documented the work standards and assisted in selection of the utensils and tableware.

Now all the restaurant processes run like clockwork under her careful guidance.