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The project is divided into three parts: café, restaurant, and wine bar. There are two executive chefs with an ample previous work experience. Ivan Pizzioni supervises the café and the wine bar. Marco Gubiotti is responsible for everything that is going on in the restaurant’s kitchen. In their absence, they are substituted by chef Andrea Impero. But let’s put first things first…

On the ground floor of Maritozzo there is a café where in keeping with the best Italian traditions the guests are offered all at once: breakfasts, lunches, sandwiches, desserts, coffee and signature cocktails. When you just come into the café you are literally bowled over by the exhilarating flavor of pastry and freshly brewed coffee.   It is definitely about some ancient Italian magic, because one can’t just leave this realm of tastes and aromas. Besides, you may take the meals away and tease the people around.

The second floor houses the restaurant and the wine bar. The combination of austere classics and Italian temperament bears fruits – the dishes in the menu first fascinate you with their look and then with their taste.    The project works according to a popular European system: from 12 pm to 6 pm with the shortened daytime menu, and after 6 pm it provides the full one.

The stylish wine bar is designed the way that is well suited for both big groups and introverted persons. This space has its own menu and its own wine rules which the sommelier team will help you to learn. Certainly, the wine list is mostly composed of the Italian wines, but there are also wines from the Old and the New World.    You are offered to drink by glasses, bottles, boxes depending on your desired goal. The prices are from 2500 RUB per bottle and from 550 RUB per glass.

The unique space centered around a marvelous show kitchen by Andrea Viakava was designed by Mauro Angelini. While working on the design, Mauro paid a special attention to the geometry and lightening of the space. In each hall, in the stairway, on the facade one may see the light playing by his rules. Generally he’s managed to create an open, airy interior which is simple in the finest sense of this word. There is no loud heavy lux, but some details however show a real Italian aristocrat hiding in this modest man.

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