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I am a restaurateur, that is, I am a person who creates, operates and owns restaurants; TV host of culinary TV shows in Ukraine and Russia and a chef.

I was born in Baku, in an Armenian family, moved to Leningrad as a schoolboy, studied at the Nakhimov school, served in the army at the Academy of Logistics and Transport on Vasilyevsky Island and studied the theory of car operation at LISI.

In the early nineties, fond of tennis and having a curiosity for new beginnings, I founded and held in St. Petersburg for the first time the tennis tournament St Petersburg Open and the Davis Cup. During this time, I met all the tennis stars and just the most interesting people.

In the end, I became involved in wine - in the position of director of a company that sells wine. I got acquainted with the restaurant market of St. Petersburg, if I can call it that in that state, began to travel the world, learned Italian cuisine and came up with my first restaurant - the Probka wine bar. Then, a couple of years later, in the next room, I opened the Il Grappolo restaurant, to which I had already invited an Italian chef, and the restaurant quickly became famous. We have had all the stars who came to St. Petersburg - from Sting to Mikhail Gorbachev.

Thus, since 2001, I have developed and launched almost 15 restaurant concepts, some of which have ceased to be relevant to me over time, because I studied business and made mistakes, I have implemented several consulting projects and today I have 4 restaurants Petersburg, 3 in Moscow and 1 in Berlin.

Main digits


10 restaraunts: 6 in Saint-Petersburg, 3 in Moscow and 1 in Berlin





Saint-Petersburg - «Я люблю тебя, Петербург» and Georgia - «Я люблю тебя, Грузия»

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  • Probka на Цветном
  • Maritozzo
  • Mama Tuta на Патриарших
  • Probka на Добролюбова
  • R14
  • Рыба на даче
  • Mama Tuta на Большой Морской
  • Mama Tuta на Зоологическом
  • Mine/Wine
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