Andrea Santili on the new menu Maritozzo

By spring ready! The updated menu already operates in the restaurant and wine bar, and in March new dishes will appear in the cafe on the first floor. We asked the brand-chef Andrea Impero to tell us what the idea of the new menu is and what must be tried without fail.

“In the middle of February we updated the menu on the second floor of the Maritozzo – added 13 new dishes.Our kitchen is becoming more sophisticated, sophisticated, elegant.In the past year, just starting the restaurant, we did not dare to do such experiments – we had to slowly introduce the guests to the new And we offered a more traditional cuisine.We now see that the guests are well aware of our ideas and are ready to surprise.In addition, of course, the team of cooks has grown very professionally and now can work with even higher food than before.

My dinner in the restaurant Maritozzo consisted of five dishes – I like it when you can taste different tastes. And I would definitely take two snacks. I really like this kind of dishes – it helps to refresh receptors and set the mood for the whole dinner.

First of all – raw artichokes with lemon and mint. They have a very short season: from December to May at most, and in February and March the peak of this season comes, it should not be missed. This appetizer is very simple, but tasty and light. For me, this is the perfect start to dinner.

The second snack would be raw Sicilian shrimps, sweet, large and very tender. We serve them with chickpeas and foam carbonara – from eggs with pecorino cheese and black pepper. The combination is unusual and, of course, very tasty.

At first – paste. I like our new dish, quadracci, stuffed with Sicilian anchovies. This kind of pasta is found in restaurants quite rarely, because it requires a lot of work – these are very small ravioli, about the size of a phalanx of the little finger. We came up with an elegant accompaniment – tartar from oysters and foam from goat cheese. They give “sea taste” and a wonderful aroma.

As a main course, you should order a partridge. Here at once several types of meat: breast and raviolo, stuffed with minced meat from the legs and liver partridges – perfectly balanced the dinner, started with seafood. The combination of game with sour green apple and spicy powder of spices seems to me very successful: it is simultaneously refreshing and satisfying.

And for dessert, order a cold coconut soup with passion fruit and chocolate ice cream. Here I will not even tell you anything – just try it, and you will understand everything yourself.

Cafe Maritozzo on the first floor spring renewal awaits in March. We made an easier menu, because Lent goes, and just spring – even if you are not religious, you certainly want to switch to less-calorie foods to throw off a couple of “winter” kilograms. Of course, our love for desserts will not go anywhere, just now we will use other ingredients: fresh fruit, fructose, stevia. Let’s make a dessert with the tea of the match, let’s try to prepare raw dumplings. I think, in the menu there will be also dishes with a mark gluten-free. But our high-calorie hits will not disappear anywhere. We all want to lose weight, and we all will not give up the rum woman with citrus cream. ”

All new items on the menu:
– Raw artichokes with mint and lemon
– Marinated salmon with beetroot juice, buratta, root salad, crumbled bruschetta
– Raw red Mediterranean shrimps with chickpeas and caramel foam
– Soup with sea ruff with fresh frescarelli paste and fresh tomatoes
– Spaghetti gravenano with broccoli and anchovies in “Carbonara” sauce
– Packeri graviano with “Wakkinaar” sauce made of bull tails, pecorino and cocoa beans
– Risotto with pesto of herbs, gorgonzola and artichokes
– Small house quadruplets stuffed with anchovies, with goat cheese froth and oyster tartare
– Neapolitan pasta shialatelli with seafood sauce
– Turbo fillet in a crust of black olives, a woman with fish sauce, cream from Jerusalem artichoke
– Partridge groin, open raviolo with meat and liver ptarmigan, sour apple and powder of dried spices
– Pickled apple, citrus mousse, salted caramel
– Cold coconut soup with passion fruit, chocolate ice cream and meringue from licorice