Dinner with Andrea Impero and Andrey Shmakov in Maritozzo

On April, 13 Maritozzo is hosting a special evening: the chef of the restaurant Andrea Impero and Andrey Shmakov (the brand chef of the SAVVA restaurant, the host of "Masterchef. Children») are cooking for the guests.

The highlight of the evening is that the chefs have absolutely different ideas of haute cuisine. While Andrea Impero is an expert of Italian classics in a delicate but bright author's interpretation, Andrey Shmakov is an adept of modern Russian cuisine, who has formed a recognizable gastronomic style. Due to all this the menu is really versatile.

The dinner consists of four dishes. For starters there is a langoustine marinated with lemongrass, white asparagus and homemade apple cider from Andrea and beef tartar with salted duck liver, black truffle and tarragon cream from Andrey.

After that Andrea will prepare beet gnocchi with clams, Pecorino and pickled zucchini, while Andrey will cook baked crab and salmon with mushroom fricassee, black chanterelles and shrimp bisque.

The central part of the program is venison fillet with burnt parsnip root in Pizzaiola sauce performed by the chef of Maritozzo and duck stew with smoked cheese, baked celery, black currant and duck sauce by the brand chef of SAVVA. For dessert the guests will try a lemon tart made by Andrea Impero.

The event starts at 19:00 on April 13 and costs 5500 rubles.

The number of seats is limited, by reservation only.

Reservation and information: +7 (495) 626 8587