Cooking classes in Maritozzo

This September the Maritozzo restaurant is preparing the return of the favourite and successful cooking classes of the chef Andrea Impero. According to the new concept the event will be divided into five parts. And you can’t miss any of them!

To begin with, the participants of the master class will learn all the basics and skills of culinary required for the formation of any professional cook. Then, at the second meeting Andrea Impero will open the doors to the inner kitchen of the Maritozzo restaurant and they will start the journey about the most unusual and complex menu items, acquainting everyone with the most interesting and unexplored secrets of the authentic Umbrian cuisine, and then he will see how the participants of this show will try their hand at cooking of the most delicious items from the menu!

On the third lap, Andrea’s guests will plunge into all the varieties of Italian classics. They will be able to learn, to see, and most importantly to prepare all the splendor and variety of the dishes that every evening appear on the tables of Tuscany and Sicily, Lombardy and Calabria, Venice and Liguria, Piedmont and Lazio...

Fourth in the list of actions by Andrea Impero is “Desserts”! And there is nothing to add. When you know what a maritozzo is, and why the restaurant in Malaya Bronnaya, 24 is named after this famous Roman sweet bun, you can’t just miss desserts cooking with Andrea — it is simply impossible!

The main and final chord of the entire programme is the evening of open house, a kind of exam when Maestro Impero will withdraw, and each participant will invite his or her friends to the Maritozzo and try the role of the chef of one of the best Italian restaurants of the capital, and cook for their loved ones, showing all the deep knowledge and experience received in the four previous phases of this magical event!