The Maritozzo wine list for the second time in a row was awarded the prestigious international award - ...


The Maritozzo restaurant, proudly bearing the name of the honorary ambassador "Sassicaia" in Russia, is ...

the 2nd birthday
of Maritozzo

Our little anniversary - the 2nd birthday of Maritozzo, passed this Saturday

There Are No Awards They Can’t Take

December is just the right time to draw the conclusion of the year. The year 2017 has been rather busy for ...

The results of the Russian Wine Awards

The First Independent Russian Award of Wine Cards “Russian Wine Awards”, designed to develop a ...

Gaetano Trovato’s tour in Maritozzo

On November 18 two chefs will cook for the guests of the restaurant. The chef of Maritozzo Andrea Impero and ...


Here you may have breakfast and drink your morning freshly brewed coffee, take away a juice sandwich, give up your diet and stodge yourself with incredible desserts, have a bit of some light salad for lunch and drink some overwhelming cocktail in the late afternoon. Executive chef Ivan Pizzoni created here his unique realm not fitting into the traditional boundaries.


Restaurant of signature Italian dishes. The main space of the project is the show kitchen by Andrea Viakava. Executive chef Marco Gubiotti has created a purely Italian menu. The modern technologies, traditions, experience, high quality products and enthusiasm are combined here in exact proportions. The dishes first fascinate you with their look and then with their taste.


Working on the wine list executive chef and sommelier Ivan Pizzoni certainly focused on the Italian wines, but also paid attention to the wines from the Old and the New World. The intense, aesthetic and punchy selection of wines is capable of both attracting the wine connoisseur’s attention and calming down a fussy debutant. This space has its own menu and wine rules that the sommelier team assists to learn.